Meet Our Family

Meet our Family
 at West Coast Bee Supply & 
Golden Meadows Honey Farm

Meet Christian and Lidia Hall

Owners of West Coast Bee Supply & Golden Meadows Honey Farm

Christian has an extensive background in agriculture. He gained experience in farming at a young age, at by working on the family farm in New Brunswick. He continued on to complete a degree in agriculture specializing in the production of cranberries. This lead him to an interest in beekeeping. His 'getter done' attitude has turned this interest into a hobby, then into a full blown bee operation. He continues to be involved in cranberry and blueberry production in the lower mainland. Also, is the man behind Golden Meadows Honey Farm's Apiary, a mid size beekeeping operation focusing on pollination and speciality honey production. He enjoys...

Lidia studied at Kwantlen in applied design and continued forward with a venture in jewelry design building her brand Every Goddess Jewelry (sold in store). under this brand, Lidia also created workshops and events with the purpose of bringing people together in. This opportunity has also allowed her to follow her passion and dreams of developing connections within the community. She does this by hosting special events at the Honey Shop. These events are designed to promote local farmers, artisans and businesses. "I believe we have everything we need here within out community. 

The Two have found a way to combine their passions into a beautiful business!

Meet Samantha Hall

Market Employee for Golden Meadows Honey Farm & Daughter of Christian and Lidia Hall
Samantha gained experience beekeeping in our apiary as well as completing the queen rearing course. She is currently in her second year at Douglas College studying to attain her a business degree. Her goals is to complete a teaching degree focusing on primary education.  In the summers she works at the farmers markets across the lower mainland. She thoroughly enjoys interacting with the market goers a sharing her knowledge about honey and the bees. 

Meet Christine Pawsey

Employee and Instructor at West Coast Bee Supply
Christine is a graduate of Kwantlen Polytechnic Univercity’s Commercial Beekeeping Program. With a background in retail management, a life altering family experience opened a door for Christine to pursue her love of teaching and develop a style that is adaptable to all ages and abilities. This is She runs a successful apiary with her husband Chris. Their approach beekeeping with an inventive mindset that takes cues from the bees. This not only helps further educate ourselves but clients and customers as well. "It is my belief that we learn from and teach each other, no matter what level of experience we have. Like a bee colony, we work better together. In beekeeping, there are challenges and problems to solve, this teaches us to find ways to be creative in order to make it easier or better." As the season change, so does the job and she loves the variety. This gives her the opportunity to keep learning and share her knowledge with people, see them blossom into great beekeepers!

Meet Gerry 

Market Employee for Golden Meadows Honey Farm
Back in August of last year, Gerry heard Golden Meadows Honey Farm was looking for someone to do their farm markets. He was most excited and very happy that he was given the opportunity. He thoroughly enjoys doing markets for the opportunity of meeting people as well as learn from them. "There are always those who will know more about what is going on than I do. I really like people, and working the markets offers me the opportunity to meet the most interesting people ever." He likes the challenge of improving his knowledge and ability to share what he's learned with our customer base, certainly with the help of your business family and friends. He has now gained a greater understanding about bees and honey and looks forward to continuing that education.