• It takes only 100 female mason bees to do the pollination work of over 10,000 honey bees! 250 female Mason bees provide coverage for up to one acre of apple trees for commercial production. Our mason bee condos will house enough bees to pollinate the average garden and orchard.
  • The female mason bee live 4 – 6 weeks and visits up to 2000 flowers per day gathering pollen and nectar for their nests.
  • Females lay up to 30 – 40 eggs individually next to a pollen pod separated by mud walls.
  • The male Mason bee lives only 4-5 days and is used only for mating purposes.
  • Mason bees are only visibly active for a 6 to 8 week period in early spring. For the balance of the summer, the next generation is developing from egg to a growing larvae, spinning a cocoon, and then transforming into an adult bee in preparation for hibernation for the winter.

Mason Bees

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